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September 25, 2003 

Committee Meeting Minutes

download supporting materials here: matrix 1, matrix 2, proposed sub-committees 

Attendees: Thomas Pellegrino (Port Washington North-Mayor), Robert Pacent (Plandome Heights rep.), Leon Korobow (Great Neck rep.), Daniel Fucci (Nassau County rep.), Ray Keenan (Baxter Estates, trustee), Janet Orloff (Port Washington North, rep.), Elizabeth Allen (Great Neck, rep.), Jake Eisenman (Baxter Estates, rep.), Fred Pollack (Town of North Hempstead, councilman), Oscar M. Jones (Town of North Hempstead), Carol Manganillo (Plandome Manor, Mayor), Joel Ziev (Town of North Hempstead), Steve Wagner (Brewer Capri Marina), Katherine Ullman (Sands Point, trustee), Guy LaMotta

I. Call to Order 

II. July2003 Minutes Adopted 

III. EPA Phase II Stormwater Regulations: 

a. Presentation of Stormwater Permit: Minimum Control Measures (MCM) 1& 2 Committee matrix (attached). The Matrix was created through a series of steps: 1.) Looking at each individual village/Town/County NOI and summarizing the programs that are listed in MCM 1&2 2.) Taking those programs that the Committee has the ability to coordinate and putting them into table form 3.) Stating what status of funding we have to implement these projects

The objectives of the matrix: 1. Remind member municipalities of the specific obligations of their NOIs 2. Summarize the activities that the Committee has done and will do which will fulfill some of the requirements of the member municipalities NOI (CM 1&2) in order to remind members of the resources available to them and assist them in writing their Year 1 report 3. State status of funding

b. Proposed Sub-Committees: Implementing the activities that are listed in the matrix will take Committee coordination and a pull of resources that each representative brings to the table. In order to best coordinate efforts, sub-committees have been created and each representative has been assigned to a committee. A description of the proposed sub-committees and its new members is attached. Those representatives that attended the Sept. meeting have been given the opportunity to sign up for Committees. Those that were not at the meeting have been placed on a sub-committee. Reps. should take a look at the assignments and call Jenifer Thalhauser if they would like to be placed on an additional or different sub-committee. Sub-committee meetings will be scheduled after final assignments are determined. We estimate that the first meeting of the sub-committee will be held in November. Jenifer Thalhauser will be contacting you to begin coordination of your sub-committee. 

c. Funding:

     i. Jenifer Thalhauser requested that those villages that had not yet sent their letter of intent to the Committee or to the County do so immediately. The Letters of Intent serve to show that municipalities are willing to partner with the submitter of the New York State Bond Act grant application. NYS Bond Act released a Request For Proposals a few months ago stating that one area of funding would be targeting towards EPA Phase II activities implementation. Both the Committee and the County have submitted applications requesting assistance for such activities that will benefit all partner municipalities. An application on behalf of the Committee was submitted Sept. 29, 2003. 

    ii. A proposal was submitted to the LISS Small Grants program requesting funds to improve the website and create a clearinghouse of local and regional information on water quality issues. iii. Tax-deductible donations may now be made to the Committee through the Town's Environmental Trust Fund. Jenifer will be working with the Funding sub-committee to develop a strategy for individual and private appeals including a membership type of campaign.

IV. Special Districts:

A motion was made to invite non-traditional MS4s (special districts, sewer, school, water, and park) to Committee meetings as non-voting members. This motion was seconded. An invitation will be sent to invite these districts to our next meeting.

V. Native Plant Garden:

Master Gardener Peter Zwerlein (also of the Port Washington Water Pollution Control District) has been maintaining the garden for the lat 2 years. The Committee must now seek funds or donated services to take over the maintenance of this valuable resource. This task will fall under the Funding sub-committee and grant-writer (J. Thalhauser)

VI. Next Meeting Date

The next meeting date will be in January. The particular date and location will be announced. Please stay tuned for more information on sub-committee meeting dates which will take place in November of 2003.

Additional notes: Proposed changes to the minutes should be submitted to Jenifer Thalhauser no later than October 31st, 2003.



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