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Geese and other waterfowl are considered a nuisance species by ecologists for many reasons.  
Feeding geese food (such as bread or crackers) can cause:
- Angel wing, a painful and debilitating disease
- Over-population
- Nesting in locations that interfere with humans and/or are dangerous for the birds
- Excessive bird droppings which are a source of pollution (both bacteria and nutrients)to 
Manhasset Bay &other waterbodies
- Bird feces that interferes with the use of athletic fields and other locations
- Birds learning not to fear humans, causing a possibly dangerous situation
- Aggressiveness
- An increased risk of motor vehicle/goose and aircraft/goose collisions
- Erosion leading to sedimentation of the Bay
- Possible water-borne disease transmission

Canadian Goose facts:
 One goose can produce up to 2 pounds of feces per day
 A goose can eat up to 4 pounds of grass per day
 The population increases at a rate of 10-17% each year

Do not feed or leave out food for geese or other waterfowl



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