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Tips for Clean Boating

With more than 1700 vessels regularly plying its waters (some from as far away as France!), Manhasset Bay is one of the most active recreational harbors on the east coast.  Unfortunately, boating contributes to the pollution that enters the bay. Although each vessel may be the source of only a small amount of pollution, the cumulative effect can help undermine water quality.

 The Town of North Hempstead Bay Constable monitors Marine Channels 9 and 16 and operate from the Town Dock in Port Washington.

Conserve Fuel

Keep your engine properly tuned.

Use a bilge sock to soak up fuel and oil that may get into your bilge

Know how much fuel your tanks hold and donít top off.  Install a device like a Fuel Whistle so you know when you are reaching the top.

Use oil absorbent pads to catch drips while handing the fuel nozzle between the dock and the boat.

 Donít be a Litter Bug

Remove excess packaging before you board

Keep trash secured and pick up trash that accidentally falls overboard.

It all counts- cigarette filters are the # one item picked up at beach clean ups, so donít toss that butt.

 Do not discharge

Itís the Law! Manhasset Bay is a No Discharge Zone. Call the Bay Constable on Channel 9 for the pump out boat. Pump out is also available at the Town Dock and marinas.

If you donít have a head on board, use onshore bathrooms before casting off, make restroom stops when needed, or  bring a portable toilet on board.

Swab the decks

Regularly scrub your decks with fresh water and a brush to reduce the need to use heavy cleaners.

If you are trailering your boat from another water body, wash it thoroughly on the trailer to remove any hitchhiking invasive species.

Try to do large cleaning and maintenance jobs while the boat is out of the water.

Ask your marina or underwater diver to recycle used zincs

Use a hard (non ablative) anti-fouling paint if you plan on scrubbing the boat bottom while in the water.

Friendly Fishing

Keep only those fish that you will eat today.

Donít clean your fish and toss the entrails overboard Ė bring them back to shore for proper disposal.

Donít cut lines into the water.

Pick up your traps regularly and haul them when your season is over.

Obey shellfishing regulations:  Manhasset Bay is closed to shellfishing.

The bay belongs to everyone.  It is everyoneís job to use it responsibly.

A clean bay supports a recreational economy that includes boating, fishing, restaurants, and other waterfront businesses. 

Bilge socks and fuel whistles may be available for free or low cost at the Town Dock from the Bay Constables







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