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About The Protection Committee


The Manhasset Bay Protection Committee is an inter-municipal organization focused on addressing water quality and coastal issues with a coordinated, watershed-level approach. The Committee has 15 member municipalities who all voluntarily entered into an inter-municipal agreement. The Committee is funded through annual dues from these members.  Membership is open to all local governments in the watershed.


The Committee’s goals are to protect, restore, and enhance Manhasset Bay so as to insure a healthy and diverse marine ecosystem while balancing and maintaining recreational and commercial uses.

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History of the Protection Committee

In recognition of their shared interests and an understanding that water quality and coastal issues are best addressed on a coordinated, watershed level, in 1998 North Hempstead, Nassau County, and eleven of the now 13 watershed villages voluntarily entered into an inter-municipal agreement for water quality planning purposes. 

The Committee’s very first accomplishment was securing a NYS Department of State grant to complete a Water Quality Improvement Grant, which outlined steps and projects to improve water and habitat quality in Manhasset Bay.  In spring of 1999, the Manhasset Bay Water Quality Improvement Plan was completed. The Plan identified bacteria-pathogens, sediment, nutrients, and litter/debris as the major non-point source pollutants affecting Manhasset Bay, and storm-water run-off as the major conduit. Implementation of the Plan began in 1999 with funding through the Environmental Protection Fund. 

How the Committee is Run


There are now fifteen (15) member municipalities: 13 villages, the Town of North Hempstead, and Nassau County. A representative from each member-municipality is appointed to serve on the Committee.

The job of each representative is to:

  • represent the needs of his/her municipality and be able to vote on the municipality's behalf
  • present ideas for Committee activities
  • serve as an advisor to the Director of the Committee
  • and most importantly, bring tools and information back to its municipality so that it can become an effective part of the effort to restore and protect Manhasset Bay and its watershed.

The Committee's Executive Director is the only staff.  Her role is to carry-out the mission of the Committee by developing and implementing the various water quality improvement projects and educational programs that are seen as Committee priorities.



Committee Meetings

Committee meetings are open to the public.  Generally, the Committee meets monthly nine (9) times per year, usually in the months of September, October, November, January, February, March, April, May, and June.  Meetings are held in Town Hall in Manhasset, almost always on Thursdays and usually the second Thursday of the month, 7:30pm until 9:30pm, at the latest. Occasionally, one of these meetings (typically May) is cancelled in lieu of a joint meeting with other Protection Committees.


How Might You Be Involved In 

Committee Programs and Activities?

The Committee serves a very diverse audience and works with a variety of partners. We strive to provide useful and effective information to each member of our audience:

Residents of the Watershed:

Residents of the Manhasset Bay watershed play a crucial role in the restoration and protection of the Bay and its watershed. It is each person's responsibility to ensure that their impact on our environment is the least possible. Please request information on our activities and copies of all of our educational materials.

Committee Member Municipalities:

A number of materials and studies are done to assist the municipalities in minimizing their impact on our local environment through highly effective but low-cost and low-maintenance solutions. Education materials are always available to the member-municipalities with a possibility of mailing and printing assistance. For more information, please contact us!

For more information on what you can do, visit: http://www.manhassetbayprotectioncommittee.org/tips_for_reducing_your_impact.htm







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