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Long Island Sound Study

Clean Water Act

The Long Island Sound Study is one of the EPA’s 28 National Estuary Programs.  Since the federal Clean Water Act became law in 1972, investments in water pollution control programs have led to measurable improvements in the water quality of Long Island Sound. However, to fully restore the health of the Sound, a cooperative effort focusing on the overall ecosystem was needed. As a result, EPA, New York, and Connecticut formed the Long Island Sound Study (LISS) in 1985, a bi-state partnership consisting of federal and state agencies, user groups, concerned organizations, and individuals dedicated to restoring and protecting the Sound. 

One component of the LISS is the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC).  The Citizens Advisory Committee communicates citizen concerns about the Sound and the Study to the LISS Management Committee, provides advice on public education activities, and builds a constituency to support the implementation of the Long Island Sound Management Plan, among other important tasks.  Membership on the CAC is open to individuals representing environmental organizations, businesses, industries, local governments, and other public and private organizations in Connecticut and New York with a demonstrable interest in the restoration and protection of the Sound and its ecosystems.

The Executive Director of the Manhasset Bay Protection Committee is one of the CAC members.  Membership is limited to 60 voting members, who are approved by the CAC. Members are committed to the restoration and protection of the Sound, and must abide by the CAC Bylaws to remain in good standing.

Why we are involved.

The first line of defense for Long Island Sound is the embayments that surround this waterbody.  As such, the protection of the water quality of Manhasset Bay is essential to the protection of the water quality of Long Island Sound.

Why it’s important to MBPC

As water flows both ways, what is happening in and on Long Island Sound has the potential to impact Manhasset Bay.  Additionally, the Long Island Sound Study Management Committee makes important regulatory and financial decisions which have local impacts, but they do take into consideration the advice of the CAC.

Key issues

The top issue for Long Island Sound, nitrogen, is not necessarily the top issue for Manhasset Bay, bacteria.  However, both key issues are important to the health and human usefulness of Manhasset Bay.



Sen. Schumer: “Don’t forget that Hempstead Harbor is the best harbor in the nation”.


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